Business to Bussiness Lead Generation has a custom CMS for page based content, several types of geo-location bound listings for lead generation, and integration with third party email marketing partners. It also has data imports, basic reporting and several billing methods including direct credit card processing and reoccurring billing.


Niche Sales and Online Booking

Charter Box is a site with large transactions, focused on a tightly packed niche group. Multi-level time zone support, Aerial-Spatial distance calculations for price estimation and a clean simple design that works on all screen sizes and devices in the target audience are also features worth noting.


Business to Consumer E-Commerce

ABCPuppy features a standard E-Commerce store front for customers, while supporting inventory tracking, customer feedback loops, off-line payment processing, customer messaging and a simple yet powerful CMS for staff members. Other features include in-line image processing, and mobile specific layouts with social marketing features.


Community Bulletin

Verona Police is a community focused website with local advisories, reminders, and other news. It wad designed to be easy for community members to read as well as simple for staff members to update. A time delayed police blotter and alert system are also used on the site to alert community members to potential hazards and important local service events.


Custom Online Sales

Take The Page has a simple yet robust item/catalog builder used to list products from the staff members' point of view. From the customer's perspective, they are presented with a completely customizable form that is generated per product based on the informational requirements of that product. Also present is long term order tracking and work flow management.


Simple CMS with Custom Attribute Editors

Dynamite Falls includes a simple CMS system that allows staff members to quickly and easily edit pages. In-line image processing allows for quick image upload and display, while easy to use attribute editors allows for quick editing of frequently changing data.


Online Community and Publicity Site

Lets Do Lunch is a publicity site used to generate awareness for, and sell a published book, and to give community members a place to communicate online. It uses a custom CMS integrated with PayPal for sales, and a popular forum platform for community involvement.


WordPress Based Blog

Solbean Cafe leverages WordPress with a custom theme to give staff members a place to post specials, updates, and fun news/content regarding their business. It is simple for staff members to use.


Showcase Site

Mode Salon uses WordPress to showcase their "brick and mortar" store, staff, clients, and events. There is integration with several third party SaaS services for appointment booking, customer relations, and communication. There is also a lightweight mobile site for quick use from all mobile devices.



On Line Classes uses a custom PHP based shopping carts and lesson management system to deliver E-Learning courses in a verity of subjects. Course groupings are separated by domain name. Integrates with third party tools to retain students year after year.


Direct Consumer Marketing

Betting Line Moves uses videos and direct integration with subscription based third parties to proved direct consumer marking. Strong integration with mailing platforms and payment gateways keeps the advertising highly focused.


WordPress Powered E-Commerce

Canviiy is a site powered by WordPress that also has a strong E-Commerce presence using WooCommerce.The site supports desktop and mobile platform with a strong focus on SEO and product placement. Programming LLC. is about one thing. Getting your project done the way you like it. Using Agile development and management techniques, we are able to get even the most complex projects done in a short time frame and on a modest budget.

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