Why would I want to use screen sharing?

Sharing screens on-line can be a great way to communicate ideas faster. It’s much more efficient so show someone how to do something then it is to try to explain how to do it. This is even more important when trying to explain a bug or unexpected behavior in an application that is still under development. Imagen, as a client, your testing 1 new feature, that is linked to 3 or 4 other features. Of those “other features” 1 of them is not implemented, 1 of them is just a “wouldn’t it be neat” idea, and the other 2 are old features. Something goes wrong. Now you need to express to me, what went wrong, and we need to be able to determine if that “wrongness” is in a feature that isn’t complete, in the new feature, or is an unintended change in the 2 older features.

More often then not the best way to determine all this is for you to simply show me what you did, and then to explain what you expected to happen. Being able to visually walk someone though a problem, is much faster and less frustrating then trying to describe whats going on. This is even more true in an application that is under development, and is brand new to everyone involved.

Another great example of productive screen sharing is when someone needs to explain an idea or concept to someone else when one or both parties don’t know each other’s terms. For example, “The input control on the new user form needs to be isolated from the address fields.” That makes perfect sense to me, but to a client it’s not going to make much sense. The reverse is true as well. A client might say “The Mojo icon should change colors based on determined reliability.” That makes perfect sense to that client, but likely will mean nothing to me until all the key terms are explain. However both client and developer can look at the screen, point, and go “this thingy needs to be blue.”

It’s not just about communicating when one or both (or all) parties don’t know each other’s jargon either. Think about how easy it is to draw an idea, and now try to explain that idea to someone that can’t see what your drawing. Show someone a picture of your living room, or explain it to them. The picture is usually much more effective.

How to setup a screen share

In order for there to be a sharing of screens, both people just need to get on the phone. Screen shares can be set and run in a matter of seconds. So if you ever want to see something, or show me something, just call.

How do I see your screen?

Once we are on the phone I’ll send you a link, click the link, and my screen should show up in your browser window. It’s that simple. If you prefer, you can also just enter the meeting pin on my contact info page. This allows us to enter a meeting without having to share a link.

Once connected you may see a screen like this:


That just means your waiting for me to start sharing my screen.

Once your sharing my screen you will see my desktop, fit inside your browser window. At the top left you will see the controls


There pretty self explanatory, but the important one is “Actual Size”. If things are a bit too small for you can click “Actual Size” and see the same thing I am seeing (more or less). This basically lets you “Zoom In” if the things on my screen seem a bit too small.

How do I show you my screen?

Perhaps you have something you want to show me instead. For those instances you need to register a free account here. Then download and install the presentation software. Once you do that you will get a code you can share with me, and I will be able to see your screen. Don’t worry, only I (or others you give the code to) will be able to see your screen, and only while your sharing it (there is a HUGE window that opens that tells you your sharing your screen, you can’t miss it).

The entire setup from registering a free account, to download and installing should take less then 2 minuets, but it’s still better to do it before the call if you know your going to need to share your screen.

Who or what is Yuuguu?

Yuuguu is the provider of the screen sharing software. Nothing more. They host the server. You need to register with them for the free account to share your screen, but I am already paying for my clients, and potential clients, so there is no cost to you. It’s like a 1–800 number; you still need a phone, but the person your calling pays the charges.

What’s wrong with Logme.in, or skype.

First they still require installation of some software. Skype requires you to install the skype client, and Logme.in requires you to install a program. Logme.in doesn’t require you to sign up for an account but they also don’t let you “schedule” a meeting. Both skype and Logme.in have problems with slower internet connections, Yuuguu lets me (or you) choose the quality of the connection. in short Yuuguu works faster and more reliably then both Skype or Logme.in.

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