Ok, so this one is strictly for the developers who use Mac out there. You know how you use apache to host files locally while your debugging/writing code. 

You know how you have to create a virtual server and a hosts entry in order to test deployments to the root directory.

You know how having multiple new projects means having to remember where those files are and how to modify them, and having to distract your self from your work.


Well enter Site Setter. You tell it the Document Root, the location of your apache.conf (or what ever you call it) and the host name you want, and it sets up all the entries for you. 

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How does it work.

Well apache config files are really quite simple, as is the hosts file. It takes the information you gave it and just inserts the entries into the proper files, then restarts apache for you. 

It does require you to keep your apache.conf (the one you want things added to) writable to yourself. But I suggest storing that in your home directory anyway. Specially if you share the computer.  Root elevation will occur for edits to the hosts file and restarting apache.

Entries into the apache.conf are basic so if something really special is needed (I recommend against needing something special, due to the fact that you will need to deploy your code at some point in time, and a generic config is much better then a highly specialized config in almost every case. (Again vhost config, not overall server config)) then just edit the file. It won’t hurt a thing. 

I have tested, and use, the app with PHP, Rails, and static HTML with no issues. If you using it with rails remember to force passenger into development mode. PHP remember to turn on some form of debugging/logging. Again I recommend this be done at the server level.

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