thought I would take a moment to comment on this as it effects my customers directly. Google announced that it would be dropping support in Google Apps for older browsers.  I have always advised my clients to make sure their sites are standards compliant and that doing so would mean that they would continue to work in future versions of browsers.  Any site that I have created will work in newer browsers without any problems. But for thoes of you with many sites or sites that have had many developers, this could be the start of a very intresting trend. There are two trends that I wish to point out.


Dropping of old browser support


While this does not mean that you can stop development for IE6 if thats what your customer base is using, it does mean that you should start, at the very least, including code for modern browsers. In time this will have a recipicating effect. As more sites move away from IE6 few people will use it, and newer browsers will be less tolorant of IE6 workarounds(taking advantage of browser bugs to get something to look right on IE6). This is very likely to mean that certian things that you have done in the past for IE6 compatability will break newer browsers.


The solution; If your one of my clients you already are doing it. Make sure your developer writes standards compliant code.  Stop using IE6 fixes. If your developer is not doing this, demand that they do. A quick test can be run at Just make sure you ask your developer why there are errors. There may be a good reason for one or two errors.


Adoption of new browers


Dropping old browsers or course means accepting new browsers. Most new browsers have some type of mal-ware detection in it. Google and Firefox (along with many others) use a shared database of malware providers.  If your on this list, or link to someone on this list, users will get a nasty warning message saying that we website is unsafe. This is a new trend in the latest browsers and has hit a few of my clients for something very simple. For example, one of my clients got hit because they linked to an image on a site that provided malware. This got them added to the list. Removal from the malware list is very simple and easy to do, but can take 2–3 days. Image what would happen if your site was down for 3 days because you just linked in to some ad server or something completely legitimate.  The best method to protect against this is be aware. Do  not link to other untrusted sites, and make sure that your developers are not as well. Most of this stuff passes off as traffic tracking, or ad tracking. Use only respected traffic tracking providers such as Google or Yahoo. Stay away from smaller services unless they have been throughly checked out. When linking to other sites, be aware of who your linking to and know that if they provide malware, your site will be added to the list of “bad” sites because you link to them.  I will make another post about this in the near future. For now it is important to know that as older browsers are upgraded, more people will be seeing there “bad site” error messages, and the data bases of bad sites will be growing. Programming LLC. is about one thing. Getting your project done the way you like it. Using Agile development and management techniques, we are able to get even the most complex projects done in a short time frame and on a modest budget.

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