I Finally got my Google Voice invite this morning, and I must admit it’s pretty cool. Google does a pretty good job of showing off their features at their site, so I won’t go into all of them. The important info for my customers is this. My phone number is changing. Don’t worry, the old numbers aren’t being turned off, I just want to direct my phone calls through google voice so I can use it’s features.

The new phone number is (813) 421–4338.

What features make it Google Voice good for me:

  • Better voice mail with transcription
  • The service rings multiple phones at once (in case I am not carying one, or am out of the house)
  • SIP integration. (VOIP direct integration)

What does that to you the customer:

  • As any customer of mine will tell you I answer emails pretty quick (usually in a few seconds during normal hours). This speed of reply now falls over to voicemail as well.
  • Less time waiting for call forwarding to kick in when I am not sitting at my desk in front of my business line.
  • If you are one of my clients that uses VOIP systems we can now talk direct in a more integrated fashion instead of having to use trunks on both sides to communicate over POTS just because were on different systems.

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